Share (Savings) Account

This is the first account you open when becoming a member. It's called a Share Account because it's your "share" of ownership in the credit union. It's also a convenient way to save money and earn dividends. Simply deposit $5.00 to get started.

Share Certificates

Looking for a worry-free investment opportunity? Share Certificates are a great way to lock in a great rate on deposits. We offer a variety of certificates with varying rates and terms, and you can get started with as little as $500. Check out our current rates or contact the credit union to open a certificate.

Custodial Accounts For Kids

We offer Custodial Accounts, also called Uniform Gift to Minors Act accounts, for our youngest members.

We encourage our young members to start a regular savings plan. The benefits of saving at a young age can be carried throughout a lifetime.

Come to the credit union to open a Custodial Account, and ask about savings accounts for youth members. A regular Share Savings Account can be opened by anyone aged 17 or older.

Christmas Club

Want to save for the holidays? Our Christmas Club Account helps you plan for holiday expenses. Start saving any time during the year and earn dividends throughout the year.

On the first day of business in October all funds in the account will be transferred to your Share Account in time for holiday shopping.