ATM/Debit Card Info

Members, we have some exciting new features coming soon to our Digital Banking platform, which includes both the mobile application as well as the browser experience. We have partnered with a new debit and atm card processor, Shazam, who will be helping us achieve cost savings while providing a better card management experience to you, our members. The new card experience will allow for the following features to be accessed right from the mobile phone app and the web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox):

Login to your digital banking account and access the new features from the menu option labeled “ATM/Debit Card Manager”. You will need to enroll in this feature by entering your phone number and a valid email address. Once that is completed, just add a card. The verification process will ask you for your Street Number, Zip Code and Last 4 of you SSN. This will complete the proces and you can select your card to add. Please note that information entered for verification MUST match what we have in our system or the process will fail. When successful, the following features will be enabled to manage your card:

  • Turn OFF / ON your debit or atm card – this feature will allow you to shutdown your card temporarily if you suspect it has been compromised, lost or stolen.
  • Setup Alerts – this feature will allow you to set alerts based on criteria that you specify, and a notification will be sent to you when the criteria has been met.
  • Travel Memos – this feature will notify the credit union that you are traveling and will allow us to update your debit card settings to make sure that your transactions will go through when you are traveling outside the country. *** Please note that Shazam may contact you, the member, either by text message or phone call to verify potential fraudulent transactions. Please know that this is by design and that you can respond to Shazam by text or phone (primary or secondary phone must match our records) to verify the legitimacy of your transactions, so that your card will not be blocked. This is a security feature, and we take the security of our member card and personal information very seriously.

Additional Shazam phone numbers may also be helpful in an emergency, in case our office is closed:

  • Shazam Dispute Services Department – 833-288-1126 – In the event your card is compromised and you have fraudulent charges on your account
  • Shazam Fraud Department – 855-219-5399 – In the event you are contacted by phone or text regarding legitimacy of your attempted transaction(s)
  • Shazam Lost or Stolen Card Department – 800-383-8000 – In the event you have lost your card or it has been stolen, you can reach out to Shazam directly to report it.
  • Debit Card PIN Reset – 800-717-4923 – In the event that you need to reset your PIN # for your DEBIT card – debit card only. You will need your card number, last 4 of your SSN and you MUST call from the primary phone on the account.
  • ATM Card PIN Reset – 855-EASYPIN (855-327-9746) – In the event that you need to reset your PIN # for your ATM card – atm card only. You will need your card number, and a Reference # that is supplied by the credit union and you MUST call from the primary phone on the account.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Member Services Department at 856-423-1469.